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5 Easy Steps For Diagnosing Your Headache or Facial Pain!

This headache and facial pain self-diagnosis tool has been developed by a headache specialist / neurologist as an educational service, since many patients do not have easy access to a headache specialist. This tool assists in narrowing down possible diagnoses, common treatment options, and personalized self-research by imitating a “virtual headache specialist” office visit. Please take your time to answer each of the personalized questions in the diagnostic algorithm. Then, visit our Headache Education Center to get more information about your symptoms, possible diagnoses, and treatment options to discuss with your local doctor.

  1. Choose your headache or face pain location on the 8 illustrations provided.
  2. Answer location-specific questions, the same as a headache specialist would ask.

    7 steps of personalized questions:

    • Location of pain (8 illustrations)
    • Unique features (there are many headaches that have a very characteristic feature for diagnosis)
    • Pain frequency
    • Pain duration
    • Pain description
    • Associated neurologic symptoms
    • Additional associated symptoms
  3. Receive a personalized list of possible diagnoses.
  4. Click on each diagnosis listed for detailed diagnosis information, testing, common types of treatments, and further education links.
  5. Print out the information to take with you to your local doctor to help narrow down your diagnosis and discuss more effective treatment options.

Virtual Headache Specialist Tutorial for Headache and Facial Pain Diagnosis Tool and Website


It is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for seeing a doctor to discuss your medical history, evaluation, examination, diagnosis or treatments. Never ignore your doctor’s advice because of something you have read on the Virtual Headache Specialist™ Site.
If you think you may have a medical emergency, new symptoms, any new type of headache, or headache along with fever, chills, neck stiffness, or neurological symptoms (numbness, weakness in face/arm/leg, vision loss, vision changes, changes in speech, slurred speech, confusion, altered mental status, vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness, falls, etc.), immediately seek emergency medical care at the nearest emergency department or dial 911/emergency services.
Virtual Headache Specialist™ is only meant to provide guidance and education for you and your doctor regarding POSSIBLE diagnoses and treatments of your headache and/or facial pain disorder(s). Virtual Headache Specialist™ provides information to help direct self-research and education. The information can also be printed out and taken to your doctor to assist in discussions that may help guide him/her to more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment decisions. Reliance on any information provided by Virtual Headache Specialist™ is solely at your own risk.

Virtual Headache Specialist™ analyzes your symptoms and pain characteristics. It then provides a list of the most likely possible diagnoses based on your responses. Common treatments and educational information associated with each of those possible diagnoses is provided. The questionnaires in Virtual Headache Specialist™ are modeled after specialized questions asked by a headache specialist that help to differentiate between many types of headache and facial pain disorders. However, there may be more detailed questions necessary that can only be done in a face-to-face office visit with your doctor (the “art of medicine”). This is why seeing your doctor following your online self-evaluation is an important part of the process to get on the correct path of treatment.

Virtual Headache Specialist™ evaluates for the primary headache and facial pain disorders (due to the headache or facial pain condition itself and not from another cause), and a few secondary headache and facial pain disorders (due to another underlying condition of which headache or facial pain is a symptom). However, there are atypical variations to every headache and facial pain disorder that may not fit into an exact set of symptoms for a typical diagnosis. Virtual Headache Specialist™ evaluates for the most common symptom combinations, may not capture atypical variations, and therefore the correct headache or facial pain diagnosis may not be included as one of your reported diagnostic possibilities. There are also types of secondary headache and facial pain disorders that can be caused by undiagnosed medical problems (cancer, blood pressure, tumor, aneurysm, infection, etc.), and some of these can resemble a primary headache or facial pain disorder. These are some of the many reasons why a face-to-face office visit with a doctor for a detailed medical history and examination is mandatory for any type of headache or facial pain disorder for ultimate diagnosis and treatment decisions. Virtual Headache Specialist™ is NOT a substitute for this.

Virtual Headache Specialist™ is NEVER a replacement for an office visit with a medical doctor. Diagnoses and treatment suggestions of any type cannot be made without a face-to-face office visit with a medical doctor, and a detailed medical history and examination first. Virtual Headache Specialist™ is only a supplementary tool to provide information to take to your doctor and assist in discussions of diagnostic and treatment considerations beyond what your doctor may be familiar or comfortable with in his/her regular medical practice. The Virtual Headache Specialist™ tool is NOT meant to provide a definitive diagnosis of headache or facial pain disorders. Your doctor should be the only one confirming a possible diagnosis suggested by Virtual Headache Specialist™. Your doctor should also be the only one making treatment decisions and recommendations, regardless of information provided by Virtual Headache Specialist™.

Virtual Headache Specialist™, its creator, web designers, owner, Virtual Medical Specialists LLC, and anyone else associated with this website assume no responsibility or liability in diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or misdirection of any information including treatment decisions which could result in adverse outcomes resulting in injury or death. By clicking the accept button to move forward to the diagnostic algorithms, you accept this Disclaimer, as well as the Terms and Conditions linked below.

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