What does this type of headache most often look like?

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      This is a common headache seen. For many patients, a mild head injury or concussion can initiate a chronic daily headache (especially if they have a history of migraine they are often more susceptible). We call this chronic post-traumatic headache or chronic post-concussion headache. If often has the appearance of overlapping features of chronic migraine and chronic tension type headache. Chronic migraine is a headache present to some degree most days if not every day, and it often has variable migrainous features (throbbing, nausea, sensitive to light or sound), but may not have all of these features. Chronic tension type headache is more of a achy pressure headache. There is commonly associated occipital neuralgia in the back of the head, and often a component of neck/cervical pain as well since there is often a whiplash component from the injury.

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